NFL Playoffs

12 01 2009

And so there were 4…


All teams that the Dallas Cowboys lost to this year. All games that were within reach.

I don’t think anybody could have predicted these 4 teams to be the last ones remaining. Lets be serious for a second. Philly finished 9-6-1 barely squeaking into the playoffs, everything lined up for them perfect to make the playoffs on the last day of the season. Just imagine if they would have stuck with Kolb. McNabb is a notorious choker, he’ll probably puke in the crunch against Arizona this weekend. Looking at the ESPN poll the other day and I think the results were like 36% for McNabb then 33% for Warner for which QB you would want leading your team. Just goes to show that people have short-term memories, McNabb has never won anything in his life. Roethlisberger 1 Ring, Warner 1 Ring, and Flacco well hes a rook.

Onto Arizona… This is a team that got absolutely hosed by a couple AFC East teams during the season, Jets kicked their asses to the curb in week 4 by hanging 56 on the Cards. Then in week 16 New England went to town on them 47-7, not to mention that week 14 loss to none other than the Philadelphia Eagles 48-20.. Guess the only case for them was that all those games were on the road and the Cards are known for being a terrible road team… Only in the NFC West where a team like the Cardinals can come out of it and make the playoffs. (Something really needs to be done about that division)

Pittsburgh is easily the best team remaining. It’s really hard not to see them in the Super Bowl and winning their 6th ring. The only thing holding them back is Big Ben who has had a rather bad season. Theres no doubt in my mind that hes going to have trouble against all of the teams left. If Baltimore were smart, which they are they will be blitzing all day long. Roethlisberger really is the Steelers achilles heel. Question for my readers out there… Over or Under 2 picks for him vs Baltimore? Do I even need to mention Pittsburgh’s defense?

Baltimore like Philly, just barely got into the playoffs. Kind of odd how two AFC North teams are both here. But then again when you look at it they both had 2 guarantee wins this season with Cleveland and Cinci being in their division. One could argue that Baltimore’s defense is just as good as Pittsburgh’s, and if Flacco doesn’t turn the ball over then watch out.


Super Bowl XLIII Scenario

12 01 2009

Last years Super Bowl between the New York Giants & New England Patriots = Highest RATED Super Bowl GAME ever…

This years Super Bowl Arizona vs Baltimore? could = The lowest rated Super Bowl Game on television ever…?

However it could very well end up being Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia. The Battle of Pennsylvania which would most likely draw very good ratings. So I guess we’ll wait and see what happens next week. Not the best year of football. Especially since my Cowboys choked down the stretch.