UFC 93 Live Blogging & Results

17 01 2009


Marcus (The Irish Hand Grenade) Davis VS Chris (Lights Out) Lytle

Lytle went to town on Davis in the 2nd round early. And pretty much controlled the second round keeping Davis out of reach. Davis landed some good body shots but was bleeding from his nose by the end of the round. The 3rd Round both fighters were a bit hesitant in their combos. Davis was able to land some good very good kicks to the midsection. Lytle’s left eye saw significant damage as you could easily it was swollen. In the last 60 seconds of the fight you saw both fighters go toe to toe and land some decent shots but nobody really controlled the round. Read More —>

Marcus Davis def. Chris Lytle via split decision

Alan Belcher vs. Denis Kang

1st Round… Kang landed some rights early, then mixed it up with some lefts. Got a takedown early, they kept it on the ground for a minute Kang was able to land a couple punches but didn’t do much damage. Back to the ground again with Kang on top landing some lefts but still doing very little damage. Belcher struggling early to do anything. Not much happening in the first… Round goes to Kang.

2nd round… not alot happening. Kang and Belcher exchanging punches. Kang’s got belcher on the ground again. Very boring round, Kang is keeping it on the ground neither fight doing very much. Kang still controlling the fight landing a few punches. Minute left in the round. Belcher is looking strong despite Kang controlling the fight on the ground and landing some punches. Wow Belcher counters Kang on a takedown and finishes Kang with guillotine choke!!!

Alan Belcher def. Denis Kang via submission (guillotine choke) – R2 (4:36)

Jeremy Horn VS Rousimar Palhares

1st Round… Horn on the ground early and Palhares is just pounding away at him, Horn having alot of trouble on the ground with Palhares on top of him. Horn is taking alot of Rights wow. Horns been on the ground for a good 2 minutes now with Palhares on top. Still giving Horn left and rights, Horn is just covering up. Palhares has Horn in a Knee bar. LOL Palhares took that round… On top of Horn for a good 4 minutes.
2nd Round…Horn gets slammed to the ground 20 seconds into the round. Palhares is just teeing off on Horn. Same as the first round. This could be over very soon. Horn is on top of Palhares finally. Horn still on top getting a couple shots in. Now both fighters are back on their feet. Palhares misses on a spinkick. Both fighters going toe to toe neither of them are landing much right now. Palhares with a serious takedown and theres 1 minute left in the round. bOth fighters look gassed. 2nd round comes to an end.
3rd round starts… Palhares slams Horn down HOLY CRAP. Very unorthodox fight. Horn with a nice elbow to Palharas back. Neither fighter doing much as they are tied up on the ground. 2:30 MARK of the 3rd round. Palhares is on top of Horns back. Now on their feet. Back to the ground lol. Not much punches landing. Minute left… Horn looks sluggish, trying to land some punches. Nothing doing. Almost lands a kick, and its back to the ground. and the fight ends. Looks like a Palharas win.

Rousimar Palhares def. Jeremy Horn via unanimous decision

Mark Coleman vs. Mauricio (Shogun) Rua

Coleman corners rua right off the bat and gets some nice shots in. Both fighters on the ground, Rua gets a nice knee in. Both fighters landing some good punches. Rua back on the ground, and Coleman gets a nice kick in. Rua takes Coleman down and their grappling on the ground again. Shogun is on top of coleman and landing some lefts to Colemans FACE. Not much going on now as their up against the side of the octagon. Coleman looks like hes out of breath. Rua with a nice legkick. and a nice left! wow another left and some knees. Back to the ground with Rua on top, Coleman is having some trouble. 1 minute left in the round. Rua with a right to the back of the head and Coleman falls SLOWLY to the ground. Rua with some Elbows to the back. Coleman landing some punches but gets knee’d again wow. And thats the end of round 1.
2nd Round… Coleman looks tired before the round even starts. Rua in control of things. Misses a legkick. Coleman with a big takedown. Not much doing on the ground. Back on their feet. Rua’s legs are active. Rua misses a right and Coleman lands a nice jab. Whoa Rura landing some nice punches. And now a knee. Damn this is nice. 2 minutes left in the round . Coleman takes Rua down and hes on top landing some punches. Rua’s got Colemans shoulder locked with his leg. Not looking good for Coleman. Still in the shoulder lock. 20 seconds left. Rogan is extremely annoying right now with his commentary. And Coleman is saved by the bell.
3rd Round… Rogan mentions Coleman looking very tired. and they exchange some punches. Rua landing some elbows now, Coleman now on top landing some shots to the ribs. Rua looks to be in trouble. Coleman still on top struggling for position. Landing BIG RIGHTS! Rua has coleman in a bad position now. 2 minutes left. Coleman on top of Rua controlling things. Landing more Rights. Rua is in an akward position still… Having trouble protecting his head. Coleman has opened Rua up. Back to their feet now.. Ref interrupted them. 40 SECONDS left. They both look gassed. Exchanging punches. Rua with OMG 3 4 5 big rights and thats it! wow Coleman just got destroyed.

Light Heavyweights
Mauricio “Shogun” Rua def. Mark Coleman via TKO (punches) – R3 (4:36)

Dan Henderson VS Rich Franklin

The fight we’ve all been waiting for.
Round 3… Franklin getting some kicks in. And Franklin throws Henderson down. but their both on their feet quickly. And now Henderson throws franklin down. On top of Franklin but not landing any punches. Franklin is up against the cage with landing some punches on Henderson. Now Franklin is on top and landing some punches to the back of Hendersons head. Both get up to their feet. Looking tired and up against the cage. Franklin gets a knee in. 2:30 LEFT… some dancing… Henderson misses a kick. Franklin gets a couple weak rights in. And a nice bodykick. Both fighters looking strong. 1 min left. Franklin landing a couple combos. A nice bodykick. Wow Henderson slips on a huge kick. Franklin fails to take advantage. and now.. whoa Franklin goes down after Henderson gets his finger RIGHT into Franklins right eye. That looks terrible. Franklin having trouble as the ref gives him a couple minutes to rest. His eye looks bad. But the fight is back on NOW. 30 seconds. Both fighters dancing. Franklin looking for an oppurtunity. neither fighter doing anything. 10 seconds… still dancing. Franking lands a couple punches. and BOOM goes the DYNAMITE… thats all she wrote.

Light Heavyweights
Dan Henderson def. Rich Franklin via split decision

UFC 93 has come and gone, and I gotta say it was a rather entertaing event. More so than the extremely overhyped UFC 92. This event had a couple of good bangers. I have to say that I truely enjoyed the Lytle fight, Henderson fight, and Shogun’s fight, and even Palhares’ dominating fight. Tough luck for Franklin I thought he did a pretty good job against Henderson but he just didn’t do enough to win the fight.




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