Who Declared Today? Last Day For Underclassmen

15 01 2009

Today was the deadline for underclassmen to declare for the NFL draft.


JR WR Percy Harvin, 5-11 195 lbs

JR CB Jarius Byrd, 6-0 205 lbs

JR CB Donald Washington, 6-0 194 lbs
Ohio State


JR RB C.J. Spiller, 5-11 190 lbs

JR OT Russell Okung, 6-5 300 lbs
Oklahoma State

JR DE Greg Hardy, 6-4 265 lbs
Ole Miss

JR MLB Brandon Spikes, 6-3 245 lbs

SO S Reshad Jones, 6-2 203 lbs

Looks like Three potential first rounders are staying, Greg Hardy being the biggest surprise of all. USC Quarterback Mark Sanchez made it official today, and Clemson Running Back C.J. Spiller announced in a press conference that he was staying for his Senior year.

Nobody really knows where Donald Washington is going to go in the draft, he wasn’t even the top Cornerback on Ohio State so the move is a bit a surprising. Cornerback Jarius Byrd of Oregon also declared today which not many expected to hear, Byrd could potentially play Safety in the pros. With both Byrd and Chung declaring it leaves the Oregon Duck defense with huge holes to fill.

Florida Gators Runningback/Wide Receiver is a bit of a mystery because the Gators have produced quite a few busts at the Wide Receiver position over the past few years so as expected most draftniks are hesitant when it comes to evaluating his skills. Too me he looks like he has what it takes to get it done at the next level but your guess is as good as mine.




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