Who Declared Today?

14 01 2009

Another day down and another good batch of players skipping their senior seasons and going pro.


JR QB Mark Sanchez, 6-3 225 lbs
Southern California

SO RB LeSean McCoy, 5-11 210 lbs
Pittsburgh Panthers

JR WR Brandon LaFell, 6-3 210 lbs

Not Declaring:

JR QB Sam Bradford, 6-4 218 lbs
Oklahoma Sooners

JR RB Charles Scott, 5-11 233 lbs

JR TE Jermaine Gresham, 6-6 261 lbs
Oklahoma Sooners

JR OT Ciron Black, 6-5 327 lbs


Very interesting to see McCoy coming out especially considering he was leaning towards staying. He has Reggie Bush like talent, and is a real game changer. If I had to compare him to anyone in the NFL I would say he looks like a Clinton Portis clone. Very quick feet to go along with fantastic speed and decent ability to shed tacklers. This RB Class is shaping up to look pretty good. Shonn Green, LeSean McCoy, Chris Wells, P.J. Hill, and Knowshon Moreno are all early entries that make this RB class look respectable. Charles Scott staying at LSU is probably for the best.

With the news of Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford staying USC Quarterback Mark Sanchez immediately jumps to the #2 QB on most peoples boards, Stafford being 1a and Sanchez 1b. One big concern with Sanchez is his lack of starting experience, only making 16 starts for the Trojans.

Last but not least we take a peak at Jermaine Gresham, the super prospect of OU. Gresham posted huge numbers this season with OU and its a little surprising hes staying seeing as how he easily ranks as everyones #1 TE. Look for him to go in the top 15 next in the 2010 draft, as he is one of the best Tight Ends to come out of the College Football ranks since Vernon Davis. Draft expert Scott Wright seems to agree…




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