Ball State’s QB Nate Davis Declares For 2009 NFL Draft

13 01 2009


Big news today in the football world. Quarterback Nate Davis of Ball State has decided to forgo his Senior year and declare for the upcoming draft in April. This is a somewhat surprising move to myself and many other draft experts out there. Now the folks over at Rotoworld label him a Double-Threat but they couldn’t be more wrong. Davis does have decent speed and can move around the pocket fairly well but other than that he is no threat in terms of rushing the ball. Hes no Michael Vick, No Vince Young. Doesn’t have that type of speed. However, he has a very strong arm and has good accuracy and in my opinion he grades out to be a 3rd Round pick at this point. I put him just behind Bradford and Stafford. Over his 3 years at Ball State he put together quite a resume tossing 74 Touchdowns and only 26 Interceptions while throwing for over 9,000 yards and led Ball State to their first AP Ranking in the history of their program which is rather impressive.

Hes a good prospect but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that he has the tools to become better than Tom Brady… Or call him the second coming of Brett Favre, which Jason Whitlock of Foxsports predicts. I sense a little bias from Whitlock, seeing as how hes a Ball State grad himself.

If you want the real scoop on the kid from somebody who has years of experience in scouting NFL prospects wait until Scott Wright gives his analysis, don’t listen to Whitlocks crazy delusions.




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